Upgrade to Magento 2.x: All You Need To Know

Magento bundled with improvised features like scalability, flexibility and security holds a distinctive status amongst eCommerce platforms. However, time and again, several limitations pertaining to its page load time, complexity have been pointed out. Magento 2 has come across as an improvement over its previous version. eCommerce experts are now vouching to Upgrade To Magento 2.x.

What’s new in Magento 2.x?

The updated version has been welcomed with open-arms as it overcomes the limitations of the otherwise highly acclaimed platform. With its reduced page loading time, the updated version is ideal for handling huge volume of data on multi-vendor stores. Easy admin interface, specialized extensions, simplified checkout process are among other top features that are creating a high demand for it. Magento 2 Development Services help in reaping these benefits.

Is migrating to the new version the need of the hour?

For staying at par with the competitive market, it is important for firms to migrate to Magento 2.x. Also, it would help organizations in overcoming the limitations of the previous version (which is likely to become obsolete in the near future).

Challenges that may occur

Migrating involves a complete rebuilding of store. This is because, all the main constituents of your website- themes, extensions, products listing, etc., need to be rebuilt. Complexities pop-up while migrating-

  • i. Extensions – They constitute a vital part of adding functionality to your eCommerce store. While migrating to the latest version, severe compatibility issues arise.
  • ii. Themes– Magento offers its users multiple themes that can be chosen from. However, when you upgrade, you’ll not be able to directly integrate your theme in Magento 1 to the new version. You can either create new themes or modify the existing ones to facilitate smooth functioning.
  • iii. Data– Migrating your data precisely is very important. Any loss of data might result in loss of significant information. Magento 2 Data Migration Tool can be used for hassle-free transfer of data.
  • iv. Customization– The code used in Magento 1 might not be absolutely in line with Magento 2. In order to implement it effortlessly, Code Migration Toolkit can be used. However, even with the help of this tool, it is not as easy as it seems.
    • Do I need an expert guidance?

      Despite the fact that Magento has come up with multiple tools to ease various aspects of data migration, it is not a child’s play! The tools offered require technical intervention. Without an expert’s help, it is not easy to tackle unexpected errors.
      Extended site downtime, fall in SEO ranking are among other reasons why you need a helping hand from specialists.

      Get in touch!

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