Magento 2 Migration Services

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Make the Switch if your current store
is falling short!

Every online store is different – depending upon third party extensions and integrations, different module themes, customizations, and the rest. Migrating to Magento is a very tricky and complicated process, as the framework on which it rests is quite intricate and advance. Switching your eCommerce platform without substantial Magento experience can bring in unnecessary hassles, and adversely impact your online store.

Magento Upgrade

Having migrated many eCommerce stores, the Magentio Team understands the crucial elements required to perform the most seamless Migration to Magento 2. While we take credit for the success stories, it is worth mentioning that your expectations, arrangements as well as actions have been as crucial to the projects as our experience and expertise.

Ready for Magento Migration or Replatforming?

Magento 2 migration services involve:

  • Analyzing current operational functionalities and limitations of your current eCommerce store
  • Analyzing third party integrations (ERP, CRM, POS, payment gateways, etc.)
  • Front-end and design aspects
  • Magento performance & SEO consulting
  • Migrating current store to Magento after customization
  • Performing thorough QA testing of new Magento environment
  • Post-launch maintenance and support services
  • Database configuration and mapping files for maintaining existing customer, product and order data

Migrate to Magento 2

If you're planning to move to Magento 2.x, the latest in eCommerce technology, we can ensure you that your data will be transferred efficiently and reliably, in line with your existing plug-ins, extensions, modules, themes, and customizations with minimal downtime and zero data loss, so that your new site is ready for action in no time.

Discover how Magentio can help you with seamless Migration to Magento 2.

Why trust Magentio to Migrate to Magento 2?

We follow a rigorous process for migrating your store.

Get acquainted with your expectations

We study your requirements. We understand that it is imperative to list out the crucial features that your store currently has and you wish to retain. Magento replatforming calls for changes in few of your current processes as well as legacy features, hence flexibility is essential while you migrate to Magento 2. Magento works seamlessly along its designed paths providing lots of options and great amount of flexibility.

Prepare the Course of action

At Magentio, we have learnt from our years of experience that the time invested in planning plays a major role in the success of Migration to Magento 2. Hence, we begin a project by devising a plan that is agreed upon by you. We decide upon framework, functionality, extensions, customization, estimates and other core requirements keeping you in the loop, thereby facilitating total transparency throughout the planning phase as well as entire project lifecycle. We know you hate surprises, so do we!

Time for Some Action

Our expert team comprises certified both back-end and front-end) developers and PMI Agile certified (PMI-ACP) project managers. It boasts of an experience in server configuration along with comprehensive knowledge of Magento API.

Count On Our Experience in Magento 2 Migration Services

Having delivered more than 300 Magento projects with 100% success ratio, we understand that the only solution to conduct effective Magento replatforming, and with complete security and almost zero downtime is through thoughtful planning, which is based on mutually agreed, comprehensive yet flexible set of specifications. This is why, when it comes to something as complex as Magento migration, it is best to leave it to experts.